Do you have American suppliers that your work with or wish to do business with? We can help you through the buying, shipping, and customs processing and clearing which in term save your business time and money.


Sell on online marketplaces? Run your own online store but don’t have room for your inventory? Our Pick and Pack service is perfect for your business.

Take advantage of our large warehouse to store your products while our warehouse staff will catalog and monitor your products while our shipping department makes sure your items ship out as sales come in. We track all your stock by SKU and make sure that your inventory is updated daily.
We work with popular shipping carriers both in Canada and the United states allowing us to choose the best and most cost effective shipping method for your goods. You can even link up your carrier account so you can keep using your preferred carrier. However, please note that there is a small fee for printing tracking labels.

We have warehouses in both Canada and the United states with transportation between each done daily, making sure your shipments arrive on time.


Need to have a package shipped outside of Canada? We offer drop shipping from our Southshore warehouse to our United States warehouse where we will then ship your package to its destination using one of or many US shipping partners; thus lowering the cost of shipping and tracking.
Do you live in the Montreal area and cannot deliver you packages to be shipped? We offer a pickup service and can then ship your packages anywhere in the world! We pick up single and multiple packages but encourage our customers to try and consolidate multiple packages to one donation to save on frate.


Need a secure place to hold your stock or overstock? You can rent our space in our warehouse for your items and pallets. Our shipping service is operational every day of the week making sure we meet specific requests from retailers in order to ensure that your products reach their destination, accurately and efficiently. Our goal is to help you move your inventory as quickly and easily as possible.


We offer full A to Z FBA preparation for your Amazon store. Our prep, pack and ship services facilitate and simplify your Amazon business.
We ensure that your product packaging meets the rules set out by Amazon’s FBA requirements when your products arrive at their warehouses for distribution.


Need packing boxes, bubble wrap or polymer envalopes? Brows our online shop for all your packing and shipping supply needs!


Looking to start your own business and have questions regarding shipping and logistics? Do not hesitate to contact us and let our shipping experts guide and answer any questions you may have


Managing returns can be a handful. Allow our staff to help manage your returns and stock for you. When we receive a return, we will evaluate it to see if it is able to be resold. If the products passes the check we will add the product back to your inventory. If it cannot be resold, we offer a variety of options that fit any business and ecommerce needs from putting it on clearance or donating it to charity.


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